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Show off labor, celebrate the "51" section
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Huangpu district, trade union shall take part in the organization of "the Chinese dream? Labor beauty" worker fun games
To celebrate "51" international labor day, singing great workers, labor glorious themes, rich cultural life of broad worker, federation of trade unions in huangpu district, district sports bureau jointly created the beauty of the Chinese dream? Labor worker fun games.By the various agencies, in the streets of 24 teams, a total of more than 400 people took part in the interesting games.Competitions are: good luck ball, caterpillar general mobilization, encouraging, who made a good harvest, five other happy feet.
On April 9, informed by wen chong street, by the company Labour union team on behalf of wen chong street in worker fun games.According to the company leadership of deployment and arrangement, the consent of the division of labor will lead, in does not affect the company under the condition of normal production and business operation, the company trade union organizations selected 20 athletes participated in the five projects.From participating in the process of organization, personnel selection, the arrangement of sports personnel, details such as the interpretation of game skills, to achieve all-round display hull's team.
On April 28, fun games was held in huangpu sports center basketball stadium.The leadership of the federation of trade unions in huangpu district commanded, the race began.Match the scene laughter, to break out;Everyone in spirits, shows great enthusiasm.The playground, the players are intensely competitive, you contend for me to catch, and otc team cheers, chants to melt, will the scene atmosphere to a climax.The interesting games not only reduce the fatigue of the players in the work mood, recreational players are physically and mentally, and fully shows the hull & team, enhance the collective sense of honor, improve the collective cohesion.

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